Our expert team provides arboricultural services across the midlands to private and commercial customers alike.

Our arborists are professionally trained, registered, insured and certified, each team member values safety above all else.   Their unrivalled training has helped improve treescapes in hundreds of local parks, private estates, conservation areas, highways.

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As one of the midlands most reliable tree care specialists, we can undertake a definitive range of tree care services for public, private and utility clients. This includes a full suite of tree surgery surveys , dangerous tree removals, vegetation management and tree planting projects. 

We also work closely with local qualified tree consultants to provide in depth tree surveys and management plans.

Arboriculture Services

Full site clearance

New development site, need them clearing? We have the kit and the staff to clear small to large sites ready for your commencement of construction works 1/4 acres to 20 acre sites

Tree Felling

Safe felling of dead dangerous, dying or unwanted trees to prevent the spread of disease, improve safety or give you more space.

Tree dismantling

Tree removal by dismantling/section felling utilising rigging and lowering equipment.  Trees are dismantled in sections, lowering the sections to the ground in safe and controlled manner

Hedge removal

A hedgerow is essentially a boundary line of bushes


The removal of growth from every branch within the tree canopy to form a smaller more natural shape for a tree.  Reductions are carried out in the form of percentages 100% being the entire canopy.

Crown reductions

A pruning technique that removes weight from the end of the branches back to a healthy growing lateral branch, which helps form a new crown.

Crown Lifting

The removal of lower tree branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal

Removal of Deadwood

Removal of parts of the tree or branch which are dead

TPO works

A Tree preservation order is placed on a tree, group of trees or woodland with the aim of protecting them.  This prohibits the felling, lopping, topping to any protected tree without the consent of the Local planning authority.  We can obtain this permission for you

Stump grinding

Use of our Toro STX 38 stump grinder to mechanically remove any size tree stumps efficiently allowing you to turf/ plant or landscape the area once occupied by the tree stump

Trimming, shaping and pruning

Removal of new growth to hedges and trees to obtain a more aesthetically pleasing form

Hedge cutting

Removal of misplaced shoots or new growth to its required size

Hedge flailing

Utilising a 170+HP tractor to cut large / overgrown hedges to size for agriculture/commercial and residential properties

Flail cutting

Utilising our Avant R35 to cut vegetation with a rotating drum that has heavy duty blades or chains. Fast and effective.

All our employees are Construction Scheme Health and Safety approved (CSCS), Accredited with the Construction Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS) and NPTC / City and Guilds trained in several subjects.


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